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A Landlord’s Claims for Compensation at the End of a Residential Tenancy: A Repost from ABLAWG

A recent blog post from ABblawg.ca provides helpful comments on the written decision of the Alberta Provincial Court in the residential tenancy matter of Barry v Navratil, 2019 ABPC 229 (CanLII). The decision and its commentary are particularly welcome given the dearth … Continue reading

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Proposed Amendments to the 34 year-old Federal Divorce Act Receive Stamp of Approval in the House of Commons 

On February 6, 2019, the House of Commons completed its third reading of and passed Bill C-78. The focus of the Bill is to protect families and children from negative outcomes resulting from divorce and separation. Bill C-78 proposes amendments … Continue reading

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New Child Support Guidelines Blog Post

By: Olivia Manzer Those who receive or pay child support may see an increase or decrease in the amount of child support they pay or receive as a result of the update to the Federal Child Support Guidelines that came … Continue reading

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