Access to Justice Week Comes to Alberta

Planning is underway to hold Alberta’s first ever Access to Justice week from September 29 – October 5, 2019. Alberta will be joining OntarioSaskatchewan and British Columbia, who each have a week in October dedicated to Access to Justice. The Access to Justice Committee of the Canadian Bar Association (Alberta Branch) is hoping to partner with justice sector organizations to hold events during the week that raise awareness about access to justice. Events could include:

  • Report launches,
  • Keynote lectures,
  • Fundraisers,
  • Conferences or mini-conferences,
  • Continuing Professional Development offerings, and

The organizers would love for you to get involved! If you would like to volunteer or have an idea for an event or other initiative, please contact them at:

This year, the Access to Justice Committee is taking a week to highlight some of the great initiatives already underway in Alberta. Every day this week they will be posting information about different justice sector organizations in Alberta and the important work they are doing to make access to justice a reality in this province. We would encourage you to check out their website:

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